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This is a story about the art of increasing intelligence

As owners of one of the leading research and development companies internationally, we supply solutions to the entire market segment, the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and also to the Corporate sector. We are revolutionizing education by bridging the GAP between the curriculum (subject information) and the student. By training and increasing the eye-brain performance we produce healthier and stronger minds in our users.

Solutions – we specialize in generating timeous solutions addressing future challenges and demands in the marketplace.

Creative and Smart – we deliver first-to-market solutions grounded in scientific research with precision developed algorithms, embedded in cutting-edge technology.

We form partnerships – in our quest for perfection we partner with world-class educators and developers, we develop and find innovative technology to integrate with our research modules.

We understand our market – we have made it our passion to research, understand and measure how the reading, education and knowledge demands are shifting globally.

We love our business – we care about the future of our society and pursue our business with enthusiasm and commitment. We engage with smart and lean teams. Our people are talented, motivated and productive.

In short – we are Solutioneers.

Due to our first-to-market approach and our general stand in the marketplace LectorSA is a sought after company by institutions throughout the market segments. We produce tailor made solutions bringing accuracy and efficiency into the productivity curve in the various areas of the market. Our solutions are widely applied across the international market, at present with more than 32 000 users on our Lector®LAB solution. We also empower educators and facilitators in our role as consultants and trainers for reading interventions. Thomas and Minda Marshall, the visionaries and founders of Lector SA have launched the Lector® LAB solution locally and internationally. We have seen unprecedented success in our pursuit of bridging the GAP in education systems. The implementation of the Lector®LAB solution takes place across socio-economic boundaries, rendering significant results, whilst truly empowering individuals and groups for their lifelong learning experiences.