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General Questions

LAB-ON-LINE began as a quest to understand and enhance the measurable aspects of interaction between the eyes and the brain. By exercising the eyes and training the brain we can increase the activity in the brain, which plays a central role in mental health and ability. Lab-on-line is compiled in a course format that is structured as an accurate intervention system with exercises to develop appropriate physical and mental efficiencies which will give you, our user, the edge in development of productivity. The Lab-on-Line program will move you through your visual skills, vocabulary, phrase reading, comprehension and reading speed exercises and adjust setting where needed to assist you in gaining the most improvement during the time you spend working in the Virtual Reading LAB.

It is important to remember the following to assist you in optimising this cutting edge reading solution:

1. Register on your current grade level if you are an English First language user. If you are a second language English user please register one year lower. I. e. if you are a Grade 6 Second Language English user – please register on Level 5.

2. The initial evaluation is very important. Read the passage as you would normally read. Read it once and press the proceed button (blue triangle) as soon as you have finished reading. Now answer a few questions. This will give an accurate indication of where we can start to improve your reading skills.

3. Complete a maximum of three and minimum of one lesson per week. Complete the full course within a 20 week period to achieve maximum impact. Concentrate when you do the exercises – remove things that can hinder you from concentrating on the exercises you are doing.

4. Challenge yourself and have fun while doing the course! Remember every moment you spend on the program will multiply your skills and give you more TIME at the end of the course! Most users double their reading speed during the course – this gives you half the time you now use for reading to accomplish the same task.

To use the LAB-on-line reading solution you have to register. Private users register as private individuals. A license indicates a course of 20 lessons. Each lesson includes ten gauged exercises. Private users first have to request a license after registration and pay the amount due. You will receive an on-line Invoice with all the information needed or be taken to our payment gateway. Your course will be unlocked the moment we receive payment. You can then proceed with your course by starting a new course and doing the placement test. If you are part of a school or project you will receive a profile number from your organization. Use your unique username, password and profile number to log in and start your course.

The placement test gives you an entry point into a reading course. Be accurate by clicking the proceed button once you are ready to read – read at you normal reading speed, read the short story once – and then click the proceed button (blue triangle) to continue to your questions. Concentrate while reading.

Lab-on-Line will evaluate you as you continue with the course during each exercise completed. You can print a report after completion of every lesson as well as receive a final report at the end of your course. The Course Report is downloadable throughout the course at the top of your page. A pdf Certificate of Completion can also be downloaded after Lesson 20 and the Final Evaluation is completed.

Adjust the font size at the top of the screen by clicking the A character to enlarge or make the font smaller as is needed. You can also increase the size of the font on a touch screen at any time during the course. You should be able to see the letters and numbers in the exercise with ease to be able to focus on exercising your eyes and not trying to see! You can adjust the font size at the beginning of every exercise.

You can do as many courses as you prefer – even the best readers can still improve their reading skills. Remember a good reader is able to adjust his reading speed and techniques to the task at hand. Usually one course a year – or at least every second year is enough to improve your reading skills to be able to cope with the demands of modern day academic pursuits.

Lab-on-Line is developed as a Reading improvement course – this indicates that you should at least be able to read something before you can improve it! Our material is developed from Grade 1 up to corporate levels – but remember in LEVEL 1 we start off by reading simple words, we focus on learn-to-read. We advise the use of our LEVEL 1 WORKBOOK with the Level 1 course. Order this book at All our stories are developed to have low vocabulary and high interest level – so you will enjoy reading even two levels lower! All materials are measured for readability and are adjusted to help improve reading skills as effectively as possible. Grade 4 teachers use our Level 1 Workbook with great success when teaching second and third language readers English.

General Questions

At Signal Tower you should guess the word on the screen by typing in ONE letter at a time. You should recognise the word from the story you just read. Start with the vowels (a,e,i,o,u) one by one. Do not type the word! As soon as you recognise the word from the passage type it in letter by letter.

The Worksheets are important! Download extra resources to help you improve Visual Skills, Language Skills, Comprehension and Study Skills from Level 1 – Level 13. You will not be able to download the Worksheets at a later stage, so download them directly after Lesson 5, 10 and 15.

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